Such factors that affect women’s health include her family, the relationships she has – her spiritual values and her work environment. Beyond this she is also affected by her position in the community. The reason why women’s health is different to men’s health is due to the fact that women react differently to disease.

The key to a woman improving her health lies in understanding the factors that affect her. The emphasy ought to be on preventive health and engaging education on best healthy lifestyle.

In the past, life was very difficult for women. The ability to express herself openly was difficult especially  when it had to  do with reproduction. There was an underlying fear of how she would be viewed. Many women became mothers or wives at early ages and unwanted pregnancies were a common occurrence. Back then childbirth itself was challenging and many women died while giving birth.

Today things have changed dramatically; this of course depends on where you live in the world. These days’ women health issues are far more open and are readily discussed. There is a lot of information out there which can provide enriching insight on women’s health issues.

Today, information, dialogue and discussion of reproductive disorders are freely available in the western world and they are easily accessible however, freedom to choose is of the utmost importance

Some topics still remain in the shadows ; Dietary information is very important to a woman’s well being. Women have specific nourishing requirements relative to their biochemistry. Optimal health will be directly affected by the nutrients provided by fats and proteins. For example fat-soluble vitamins are vital when it comes to nourishing the endocrine system and the reproductive organs.

We all know that there are lots of information out there but it is as a matter of consequence to identify the source of information and look for reference materials which support any claims.

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