Mission statement

The purpose of SETI is to provide health-related, educative and empowering information to women and children, to increase their accessibility to educational resources and medical equipment for their care as well as to give them a platform to showcase talents & discoveries so that they can have the full capacity to become agents of transformation to their societies

Organization’s Vision

Vision: To Empower Children and women in the developing world (Deut.8:18)

  1. To execute educational and health related programs targeted at children or women.
  2. To fund educational or health endeavors for persons in this target group (via Sponsorship or scholarship funds).
  3. To empower children and women on health and education related matters.
  4. To teach Christian scriptural approach to empowerment and transformation.
  5. Empowerment of target persons through information and skills acquisition.
  6. To empower women and children in every developing society.
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