Society Empowerment for Transformation Initiative is a Nongovernmental Organization that envisions bringing social, health and economic transformation to both the woman and the child through education and empowerment projects. Via these projects the less privileged children and women in Rivers State, Nigeria where this NGO is kicking off will be targeted through the NGO’s strategic activities in education, empowerment and health care improvement.

The community we live in is in dire need of transformation. Nigeria has some of the worst socioeconomic indicators in the world. The number of children living in poverty is on the increase. Many of these children do not have access to education and even if they do the quality of education they receive is insufficient to build their capacity to become change agents. The general view is that the quality of education offered is low and that standards have dropped. These school of thought suggest that this catastrophe in the educational system is attributed to the lack of adherence to standard educational practice; corruption and mismanagement of funds, low teacher qualifications, non conducive learning environment, lack of learning resources and basic facilities to mention but a few.

Unfortunately these children who are the hope of a better society are also faced with other challenges such as accessibility to health services while Maternal and child mortality rate still remains a major concern. Here in Rivers state, the State government officials estimate that Rivers’ local governments operate some three hundred primary health care facilities. Human Rights Watch visited more than a dozen primary health care centers in five different local government areas. All but a few lacked even a basic supply of medicines and other equipment as well as access to reliable water supply, toilet facilities and electricity. Medical care is difficult for the general populace.

We will target certain communities and God willing by 2025, the target persons in SETI’s target communities will have access to:

  • Basic educational resources which will aid in learning and motivate mental and social change of the student child
  • Have scholastic materials in Art, science provided to them.
  • Women and children can have enhanced access to simple basic health equipments.
  • Convene for motivational or empowerment seminars symposiums.
  • Renovates existing community school libraries, laboratories.
  • Equip health care facilities in the woman or child care units.
  • Conduct science/Art competitions or discovery/talent competitions to encourage the practice of applying theoretical knowledge in Nigerian schools and the society at large.

All the above should go a long way in addressing the consequences of child poverty as well as their inability to make contributions to the society. Also, the above should increase the number of empowered women who can make relevant contributions to societal change.


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