Transforming Women & Children in the Developing World


Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. Education is a fundamental human right and is indispensable for the achievement of sustainable development. Nigeria has over 13.2 million out of school children which is the highest in the world and about 27 million children in school performing very badly. In Rivers State over a hundred thousand children (100,000) are out of school and most schools are in very bad conditions, the buildings are dilapidated; they lack a practical or technical facility which makes education to be rather theoretical and quantitative than qualitative which leads to poor education outcomes. Our aim is to improve on these findings to bring about equitable quality education.

Our Yearly Activities In Education
The Science Competition is an exciting extra-curricular activity for teams of aspiring scientists.
⊕Science competitions among school
⊕Science Quiz
⊕Science Debate
⊕Science exhibition

Our Laboratory4Change and Inspired2Act Project focus on this: we

  • Conduct Science/Art competitions and discovery/talent competitions to encourage the practice of applying theoretical knowledge in Nigerian schools and society at large.
  • Provide Basic educational resources that will aid learning and motivate mental and social change of the student child.
  • Have scholastic materials in Art and Science provided to them.
  • And by 2025 we intend to renovate existing community school libraries, laboratories etc.