Education today is not the privilege of a few and should be mandatory for  all. Equity in the provision of education is the new slogan of the government. The question now is how far this slogan is being brought into action. Today women are not just restricted to household chores alone as a result of the new drive for women empowerment all over the world.

A woman is the flag bearer of a society. She gives birth to the future of the world. She is responsible for rearing her children and giving them an opportunity to grow up in a healthy and positive environment. A mother is usually the child’s first teacher and for her to execute all these responsibilities adequately, she needs some degree of education. Without education, nurturing and educating children may be poorly executed.

It is also necessary to educate women so that they can provide a safe and healthy life for themselves; so that she can take an active part in supporting the economy of her society.

Benefits Of Educating A Woman:

1.Decrease the mortality rate of women and children: females who are educated are more aware of healthy and hygienic practices. They are more likely to go for proper medical treatments and take precautions to avoid diseases and infections. This goes a long way in improving the immunity and longevity of both women and children thus leading to significant decrease in infant and maternal mortality rates.

2.Reduction In Population: educated women are more likely to take birth control measures . they are more aware of family planning methods, safe pregnancy, and late motherhood. which can lead to the reduction of female fertility rates.

3.Protection Against HIV and AIDS: literate women are less likely to be affected with this dangerous disease. They are aware of safe sex practices such as  the use of condoms  to prevent HIV and AIDS .

4.Adding To The World Economy: women who are educated can participate in increasing the economic rate of their societies and improving the financial conditions of their families.

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