Transforming Women & Children in the Developing World



1. Sustainability Initiative of the Year

2. Sustainable Product of the Year

3. Best Sustainability Service of the Year

4  Sustainability Leader

5. Sustainability Champion

6. Sustainability Professional

7. Best start-up Enterprise of the year

8. Best Sustainability Campaign of the year

9. Positive Climate Action of the year

10. Best Waste Reduction initiative of the year

11. Sustainable supply Chain of the year

12. Best Environmental Behavior Change Company of the year

13. Best Government Sustainability initiative

14. Best Employee Engagement and wellbeing Company of the year

15. Educational Excellence institution of the year

16. Sustainable SME of the year

17. Best ESG of the year

18. Sustainability Consultancy of the year

19. Circular Economy Innovation of the year

20. Sustainability Reporting of Year

21. Sustainability Enabler of the year

22. Most Sustainable company of the year


1. CSR Award for Women Empowerment

2. CSR Award for Skill Development and Livelihood

3. CSR Award for Education Empowerment

4. CSR Award for Inclusive Development of PLWDs

5. CSR Award for Food Security & Agriculture

6. CSR Award for promoting Health and wellness

7. CSR Award for poverty alleviation

8. CSR Award for the enhancement of safe Drinking Water

9. CSR Award for Environmental Sanitation and Hygiene

10. CSR Award for the support of Exemplary Innovation

11. CSR Award for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) support.

12. Award for Best workplace and HR Practices company of the year


1. Lifetime Achievement Award
2. Philanthropic Person of the Year


1. Social Impact Business Leader
2. Responsible Investor of the Year
3. Social Impact CEO of the year
4. Social Impact Public Servant

5. Community Champion of the year (local NGO)
6. Community Champion of the year (International NGO)

7. Small Enterprise, Big Impact Award

Additionally, lifetime achievement and person of the year awards, which seek to recognize individual extra-ordinary contributions in CS&R, have also been instituted.