Society Empowerment for Transformation Initiative is a Non-governmental Organization established in 2013 that envisions bringing social, health and economic transformation to women and children through strategic activities in education, empowerment and health care improvement. We are currently based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State of Nigeria.

We are a team of united and  vision-oriented  professionals with  the  full  capacity  to  deliver  all  stakeholders’ expectations. Our  impacts  are  sustainable  and  replicable  because  they  are  well  planned, executed and monitored. We are an evidence-based organisation and we ensure that our interventions are realistic, achievable, beneficial and cost efficient.

We hold trust and partnership in very high esteem and will ensure that funds are accounted for, reputation is maintained and agreements are kept. We  carry  out  all  our  activities  from  the  grassroots  in  our  communities  to ensure that the beneficiaries are reached and well served.


To Empower Children and women in the developing world (Deut.8:18)


  • To provide health-related, educative and empowering information to women and children.
  • To increase their accessibility to educational resources and medical equipment for their care.
  • To give them a platform to showcase talents & discoveries so that they can have the full capacity to become agents of transformation to their societies.


Our objective is that by 2025 the beneficiaries in SETI’s target communities will have access to: Top charity ngo in Nigeria

  • Basic educational resources that will aid in learning and motivate mental and social change of the student child.
  • Have scholastic materials in Art and Science provided to them.
  • Women and children can have enhanced access to simple basic health services and equipment.
  • Convene for motivational or empowerment seminars & symposiums.
  • Renovate existing community school libraries, laboratories etc.
  • Equip health care facilities in women or children care units.
  • Conduct Science/Art competitions and discovery/talent competitions to encourage the practice of applying theoretical knowledge in Nigerian schools and the society at large.
  • Conduct health projects related to women and children.
  • Conduct health campaigns advocating for the delivery of both the woman and child’s right. Top charity organizations in Nigeria


Our operations are targeted at children and women, because children are the future of our societies and women are potential agents of change. Therefore, we take advantage of every opportunity to equip these agents of change to drive transformation in societies.

The Beneficiaries: These are the demographic group from within a selected community such as a Local Government Area or a ward. These shall be:

  • Children (of the primary school age up to higher institution) in the community where the organization’s health or education-related programs are carried out.
  • Women (Any mother or female from the age of 16 – 45): Who belong to the community that the organization has selected after studies have been carried out as indicated below.

These target communities would have been researched and proven to be in need of the program or project being planned for implementation. Furthermore, following one of the codes of ethics of the organization, fairness will be the watchword of the organization in selecting target group beneficiaries to be supported.

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