Education is a fundamental right, and a matter of justice. Girls’ education and women’s leadership are also key to tackling our most pressing global challenges. Together, we can ignite the world-changing power of girls’ education:

Welcome To Society Empowerment for Transformation Initiative

We have world science day event coming up, programs for women , widows and children in the slum communities in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria


Society Empowerment for Transformation Initiative is a Non-governmental Organization established in 2013 that envisions bringing social, health and economic transformation. Growing up in poverty, children and women face many challenges: hunger and health problems, limited access to education. KNOW MORE

Most of the Poor rural Women and Children are our priorities.

The purpose of SETI is to provide educational, health-related  and empowering information to women and children, to increase their accessibility to medical and educational resources for their care as well as to give them a platform to showcase talents &  discoveries so that they can have the full capacity to  become agents of transformation to their societies.

SETI Educational Program was created to ensure that orphans and students from less privileged backgrounds have continuous access to high quality primary, secondary and tertiary education. SEP works to create an environment in which all young people, especially orphans have access to education to realize their full potential. Our approach focuses on promoting and investing in issues that will lead to quality education in close partnership with schools, locally and internationally.

World Science Day Event

Every year, SETI celebrates WSD to enable children remember the achievements of science in the world, promote interest in science and technology among students and to encourage students’ scientific and technological creativity and instilling pride in their abilities.

To celebrate this year 2023 WSD, SETI plan to host a science exhibition among secondary school students. This science exhibition aims at providing a platform for the students to use their scientific knowledge and bring the best invention from their brains. Partnering with us on this event will help to encourage students’ scientific and technological creativity and instilling pride in their abilities.